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.:: Open Session - Conversing about Tomás Alcaide PDF Print E-mail
Quinta-Feira, 12 de Novembro // 14:30 h
Tomás Alcaide “Conversing about Tomás Alcaide” provides an exceptional opportunity to talk about that who's considered the greatest Portuguese tenor of the 20th century.

Organised in the context of the research project “The Teatro de S. Carlos: performing arts in Portugal” by CESEM/Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in partnership with the Music Museum, this open session will be bringing together, for an informal conversation, some of Alcaide's best friends and former pupils – Carlos Fonseca, Álvaro Malta, Mário Moreau and, of particular note, his wife, Asta-Rose Alcaide.

From 12 to 30 November 2009, the Music Museum will also be displaying an exhibition of some of the pieces and documents from the Tomás Alcaide collection, thus providing the public with the chance to get to know better an artist who was a veritable Portuguese ambassador in the operatic world.

Born in Estremoz in 1901, Tomás Alcaide left for Milan at the age of 25, embarking on an outstanding and unequalled artistic career. He received ovations and recognition as one of the finest tenori di grazia in the most prestigious theatres of the operatic world, where he always sang leading roles.

His voice with its beautiful timbre, together with total control of his diaphragm, enabled him to pass from forte to an almost inaudible pianíssimo, in a smorzando that would bring the house down. He was also noted for his creativity and perfectionism as an actor, making a point of having sumptuous costumes on stage and going to great trouble over the tiniest of details. These aesthetic concerns, added to his tall, slim figure, and his distinctive, seductive pose, gave him a charismatic stage-presence, unique and unforgettable.