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Redes Sociais

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Edward Ayres de Abreu



Opening times

Monday to Saturday 10:00 h to 18:00 h
Closed on Sundays and the public holidays of New Year, 1st May and Christmas Day.




- Normal - € 5,00



by means of documental evidence

- Senior citizens over 65 – € 2,50

- Between 12 and 24 years old – € 2,50
- Family ticket (at least two elements, one adult and one child) - € 2,50


Guided Tours

- Guided tours by the Educational Service and study visits initiative of Educational Institutions (subject to advance booking confirmed by the Educational Service) - Free

- Guided tours within opening hours (available in some Palaces, Museums or Monuments – information on www.patrimoniocultural.gov.pt -, subject to advance booking confirmed by the Direction of the Palace, Museum or Monument) - € 20,00 / Group (maximum 20 participants);
- Guided tours out of opening hours (subject to advance booking confirmed by the Director of the Museu da Música) - 100% addition to the ticket price for each hour


Free admission

by means of documental evidence

- Children up to 12 years of age;
- Unemployed visitors residing in the European Union;
- Researchers, museum curators, conservators and/or other museum professionals while performing their duties;
- Members of ICOM, ICOMOS and APOM;
- Press professionals while performing their duties, subject to prior notification;
- Teachers and students of any teaching degree, including senior or 3.ª age universities, while under proven study visit and subject to advance booking confirmed by the Director of the Museu da Música;
- Accredited groups of portuguese social solidarity institutions or of local authorities social action areas or other institutions of public interest subject to advance authorization granted by the Director of DGPC;
- Members of cultural associations;
- Active volunteers collaborating with DGPC and its dependent services, along with a companion;
- Reduced mobility visitors, along with a companion.


Group Tickets

Acquired in advance (minimum 48 hours)

- Purchase of 250 to 500 tickets by typology – 7,5% discount;
- Purchase of 501 to 1000 tickets by typology – 10% discount;
- Purchase of more than 1001 tickets by typology – 15% discount.




Multi-purpose Room

With a seating capacity of about 100, it hosts musical events, talks and seminars.



Documentation Centre

Specialised in Organology, History and Theory of Music
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 h to 12:30 h and 14:00 h to 17:30 h



Shop / Bookshop

Tuesday to Saturday, 11:00 h to 17:00 h



Educational Service and Guided Tours

Guided tours to the permanent and temporary exhibitions, during the Museum's normal visiting hours, must be booked in advance. The recommended number of participants per visit is 20-25 people.




Underground railway (Metro): Alto dos Moinhos Underground Station - Blue line (Amadora Este - Santa Apolónia)
Buses: 768 e 54