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.:: Segunda Cantata do Natal, de Fernando Lopes-Graça
Sobre cantos tradicionais portugueses da Natividade PDF Print E-mail
07 December 2011

Related to the Christmas season and being music a constant element on Christmas celebrations, we have chosen as piece of the month a record by Fernando Lopes-Graça with a set of illustrative themes from the tradicional Portuguese music.


Segunda Cantata do Natal FLG


.:: Tuba
Anunciando Santa Cecília PDF Print E-mail
14 November 2011

In the month of celebration of Saint Cecilia's day (22nd November), patron saint of musicians, we make a reference to Irmandade Lisboeta with the same name, since its foundation in 1603 and existence until 1834. The Irmandade regulated the music activity in Lisbon, concentrating in its ranks, along the 19th century, many musicians from brass and military bands, particularly performers of wind instruments such as the tuba.



Tuba MM 249

Luísa Todi Portrait
Uma Mezzo-Soprano portuguesa nas cortes europeias PDF Print E-mail
07 October 2011

The Music Museum remembers this month the Portuguese lyric singer, Luísa Todi (1753-1833). In a period that marks her death 178 years ago, we couldn't forget this date and we have chosen as piece of the month a portrait made by Elisabeth-Luise Vigée-Le Brun, which was painted in one of the singer's stays in Paris.






.:: Musicwriter
De tecla em tecla a escrever música PDF Print E-mail
01 September 2011

September has just arrived and with it a new Piece of the Month, an iniciative in which we make public the richness and diversity of the Museum's collections.


To celebrate the International Day of Press (24th September) we have chosen this month the typewriter whose model was developed by the American composer Cecil Effinger (1914-1990) and later produced by Music Print Corporation.  



MM Musicwriter MM 1393

.:: Maraká
Um instrumento da Amazónia no mês em que se assinala o Dia Internacional das Populações Indígenas PDF Print E-mail
02 August 2011


Dia 9 de Agosto a ONU assinala o dia Internacional das Populações Indígenas. Não deixando passar a data em branco, o Museu da Música escolheu como Peça do Mês de Agosto um instrumento amazónico. Além de assinalarmos esta data, ao escolher um instrumento festivo, honramos simultaneamente o Verão e as festas na praia.


» alt Maraka - Peça do Mês - Agosto 2011 - 1.46 Mb - 02/08/2011



.:: Piano Rhodes - Suitcase Eighty Eight
Celebrando os festivais de Verão PDF Print E-mail
13 July 2011

During this festival season, we remember this month the piano Rhodes, an instrument that left a mark in the 20th century's music and which will certainly be present at any summer festival, at least at the British group Portishead's concert.


Piano Rhodes

.:: Bomtempo, Requiem, op. 23
À memória de Camões PDF Print E-mail
01 June 2011

Being June the month in which we celebrate the Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities, we celebrate this occasion with a Requiem Mass op. 23 dedicated to camões, composition by João Domingos Bomtempo (1775-1842) here in a record in 1980 made by the Choir and Symphony Orchestra of Radio Berlin (RDA).


Bomtempo Requiem op 23 Camoes  

Photo Album with Music Box
Uma caixa de memórias PDF Print E-mail
01 May 2011

Among the field of initiatives that we develop to the celebration of the International Day of Museums 2011 this year with the theme ''Museum and memory: the objects tell your story'', we have chosen as piece of the month the Photo album with Music Box.




MM Album de fotografias com caixa de musica MM 0621

.:: Viola d'Amore
Um instrumento com 300 anos PDF Print E-mail
01 April 2011

This month we have selected as Viola d'Amore by Paul Alletsee, instrument which celebrates in 2011 its 300 anniversary. 


MM Viola Amore MM 0019

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