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The National Music Museum owns many printed and manuscript documents, including hundreds of printed scores from the 19th and 20th centuries, sheet music, excerpts from light theatre and works by composers such as Fernando Lopes Graça, Armando José Fernandes, Cláudio Carneiro, José Viana da Mota and Óscar da Silva, comprising approximately 31000 items.

Of note are also the books, monographs and periodicals about music and organology, manuscript and printed scores, libretti, concert programmes, letters and other documents from several collections of significant personalities such as: Alfredo Keil, Luís Filgueiras, Michel'Angelo Lambertini, Josefine Andersen, Pedro Prado, the opera singer Tomás Alcaide, the violinist Júlio Cardona and his father Ferreira da Silva, the pianist Ella Eleanore Amzel, the maestro José de Sousa and the musician Virgílio Augusto Freitas.


Following a project developed by the Museum in a partnership with the Associação dos Amigos do Museu Nacional da Música, it became possible to recover, treat, organise and share the documentation of Alfredo Keil and Luís Filgueira's personal archives, belonging to the Museum and benefiting from support given by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.


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