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The Music Museum is an institution under the Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage (Direcção-Geral do Património Cultural) housing one of the richest instrument collections in Europe, along with documents, an iconography collection and a sound archive.


It has been open to the public since 26th July 1994 in the underground station of Alto dos Moinhos, benefiting from a sponsorship agreement signed by the former Portuguese Institute of Museums and the Lisbon Underground Railway.


The aim of the Museum is to preserve and maintain this endowment, while at the same time to make it available for research, education and diversion to all those who are interested.


This is achieved in a number of ways: the acquisition of new pieces; the encouragement of a complete study of the collections through the holding of temporary exhibitions and the publishing of studies; by maintaining the qualitative integrity of the instrument collection; by providing educational visits, recitals, conferences and other events.