The Museum Print

The Music Museum is installed on two adapted floors with ample room (2000 sq. m.), on the western side of the Alto dos Moinhos underground station, chosen because of its easy access.
On the upper floor there are the administrative services, a documentation centre, a workshop for instrument restoration, an office for organological studies, technical offices and the reserve areas.
The floor below ground houses the reception, support services, shop and exhibition area (which includes a multi-purpose area that holds about one hundred people, where events regularly take place, such as recitals, talks and temporary exhibitions.
The Museum is equipped with an air-conditioning system, essential for the conservation of the pieces, and it also provides access for those confined to wheelchairs by means of a stair-lift which moves mechanically on a handrail.
The architecture sought to take into account the particular circumstances that come from being right beside an underground station. Thus, the entrance was conceived to have a visual transparency as possible to caught the attention to people that moves at the entrance hall of the station while ensuring as well acoustic isolation.
In its treatment of the area open to the public, it was sought to give the sensation of a wide, open space. The large transparent areas and the colours used contribute to stand out the pieces on display and create an intimate and comfortable environment.