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The National Music Museum is installed in two floors of a specially adapted space, on the west side of the Alto dos Moinhos underground station, chosen because of its easy access.


In the upper floor, there are the administrative services, a documentation centre, a restoration workshop, an organological office, the technical offices and the reserves.


The lower floor houses the reception, the support services, the shop and the exhibition area (including a multipurpose area that can hold about one hundred people, where there are regular events, like recitals, conferences and temporary exhibitions).


The Museum is equipped with an acclimation system, essential for the conservation of the pieces, and it provides access for wheelchair users through a mechanical stair-lift on a handrail.


The architecture project sought to take into account the particular circumstances that come from being in an underground station. Therefore, the entrance was conceived to have a certain transparency to catch the attention of the people walking near the entrance while also ensuring acoustic isolation.


The goal of the public area is to give the sensation of a wide, open space. The large see-through surfaces and the colours are used to make the pieces on display stand out and create an intimate and comfortable environment.