Cultural Services Print
The cultural services are an essential element in the functioning of the Museum, since they establish a bridge with the public that visits it, by introducing its collections through guided visits and other activities.
These services guarantee not only guide visists for school children but also for other age groups with professional interests in different areas, as well as other societies and associations, including several activities, according to the target group (workshops, games of discovery, educational games). The recommended number of participants is 20-25 people.

The Museum also accommodates initiatives to special groups. As for the visually handicapped, guided tours are organised to the reserve stock, thus making possible direct contact with the instruments; in other cases, the teachers themselves and/or others accompanying the group (previously guided by the Museum’s own staff) lead the visit to the exhibition.

On special occasions, the cultural services organise exceptional visits (historical or artistic visits, visits to the reserves ...), musical workshops (building an instrument, exploring sounds ...), recitals (for adults and children), lectures on music, training sessions, theatre sketches.