Documentation Centre Print

The Music Museum possesses a documentation centre specialising in organology, history and theory of music, where music reference works are to be found.


In the documentation centre you can consult information about musical instruments from many parts of the world (their construction, history, representation in works of art – musical iconography), musicians and music history, among other areas. It is directed more towards ‘classical’ music, but you can also find material on popular music, fado, contemporary music and jazz.


Roughly 3000 works are available for consultation: theses, facsimiles of treaties and methods for instruments, catalogues of instrument museums and exhibitions; runs of such important periodicals as Arte Musical, Early music, Le Monde de la Musique, Ritmo and World of Music; also a number of studies on instruments from the Museum’s collections and instrument makers.


The documentation centre’s publications are recorded informatically and can be searched on line via the Cultural Heritage Libraries website.