Viola's Sopranino Print Peça do Mês - Setembro 2013
21 August 2013

Built in 1753, the viola's sopranino (pardessus de viole) from Louis Guersan, belongs to the Museum's collection, celebrating in 2013 its 260 years, reason for which it was chosen as the piece of the month.

To illustrate this instrument we have chosen a video in which is possible to see Ernst Stotz performing a prelude from the French composer Louis Heudelinne (active between 1700-10) using a viola's sopranino, while it shows the several stages of its construction from a copy of the oldest instrument, which Luthier Michel Collichon (active between 1666-93) built for the violinist Jean Rousseau (1644-1699) around 1690. Not only it shows the instructions from previous constructions from 16th century, it also presents Ernst Stolz playing a viola's sopranino accompanied by historical iconography.