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Museu da Música welcomes young people in the development of projects around its collections and activities as a basis, through established protocols with Educational institutions, through independent Traineeships or through supporting programmes (for example, international).


In this way, the Traineeships at the Museum have a formative component, assuming as their main goal to provide working experiences and introduction to museum professional areas, to people interested in museological work (collection's management, inventory, cultural communication, museography...) in music (mainly in its performance and history, the development of design and building of musical instruments...) and also in areas close to art, history of art, conservation and restoration or documentation. 


For more information please contact:


Rui Pedro Nunes

Music Museum

Estação do Metropolitano Alto dos Moinhos

Rua João Freitas Branco

1500-359 LISBOA

T. (351) 21 771 09 90 / F. (351) 21 771 09 99 / E. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it