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The Museum of Music integrates a bigger project of cultural voluntary service coordinated by the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage (DGPC) whose main goals are to boost the involvement of the society to the cause of the patrimony. 

As it is referred in the letter of DGPC'' Being voluntary at Monuments/Museums/Palaces of DGPC consists of an excellent opportunity to participate in actions of the patrimony preservation which is the national cultural heritage, acquiring specialized professional skills, building privileged learning opportunities, developing communication skills, contacting directly the several cultural agents and participating in the several cultural and social events, giving each voluntary the possibility to get to know the inside of the world of culture and be part of an active, creative and dynamic community.''

In a way to set biggest purposes of this project to the specific reality of the Museum of Music, we have developed a voluntary programme which strengthens the development of projects related to our collections and activities that we have been promoting.

This programme establishes the conditions in which it is possible to do voluntary work in the Museum of Music, assuming the voluntary and Museum's harmonic relationship, their expectations, desires, and ambitions in a way that the experience can result into the best one for both parts. 


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